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Whats on the Wildfire Business Start-up Hub for Young People!

Wildfire is an online business start-up advice portal to help young people make things happen. From launching new start-up projects to realising ambitions to developing personal skills, Wildfire is the starting point for young people on their journey towards success.

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Our goal is to help challenge youth stereotypes and prove that the most enterprising individuals are young people, just like you.

Being enterprising can mean many things: thinking differently, sparking ideas, developing plans, and taking risks. This is not just ‘entrepreneurship’ in the business sense as there are millions of ways in which young people make a difference – particularly in their local communities and online.

We believe all individuals are just that, each unique in their own right

There is not a ‘formula’ or single ‘mould for success’ so we shape our support around you and what you hope to achieve.

Wildfire will help you pursue your passion and be the best you can – with no limits on the possibilities – and whatever your talent, idea, concept, or project. You will also gain vital skills, experience, and contacts on the way.

Capturing this progress is key for helping you, and future employers, reflect on challenges you have overcome – we provide expert guidance and tools for that too!

The Wildfire Hub is free to use! 

It has also been created by young people for young people, so naturally the boring bits have been taken out and it focuses on what is most important to you.

The site has loads of resources: 

  • news, 
  • events, 
  • case studies, 
  • videos, 
  • checklists, 
  • and guides to keep you informed and help you progress. 

Wildfire business start-up support for young people will host a range of activities, such as:

  • speaker sessions,
  • bootcamps,
  • hackathons,
  • advice clinics,
  • training workshops
  • and product demonstrations

It is also backed by a network of successful entrepreneurs and expert advisors who plug any gaps in the support!

wildfire business hub


Ultimately, what you achieve will be up to you

The rewards can be great for ‘challenging the norm’ or ‘doing something differently’: the Wildfire Hub is there to help you express yourself and start developing your ideas.

So, is this journey right for you? Get on the wildfire business portal to find out more!.

YES Background

The Youth Enterprise Service (YES) has over ten years’ experience in developing enterprising young people and the Wildfire Hub website is part of YES. We are a not-for-profit social enterprise based in Leeds. YES has four Non-Executive Directors: Martin Hathaway (the Chair), Justin Whitston, Deirdre Bounds and William Oxley. The Non-Executive Directors bring a broad range of skills and expertise to the YES Board .

Youth Stereotypes

To mention ‘youth stereotypes’ is also to acknowledge they exist. And sadly yes, we believe stereotypes are rife within recruitment culture making it very difficult for young people to find suitable employment.

It can be too easy for employers to disregard young people as inexperienced or under-educated – Wildfire enables young people to challenge these stereotypes and prove employers wrong.

We want to help young people create their own experience. This is achieved by helping them progress along their enterprising journey to: recognise their passion, develop skills and knowledge, build contacts and for some, to become their own boss!

For more information about YES and the other services we offer, please contact us.