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Launchpad Records UK - A Business Start-up Interview

Launchpad Records was started by George Quann-Barnett; 19 and Louis Serrano; 18 in May 2010. They formed the label with a mutual dream of slowly but surely changing the music industry and shedding light and giving a platform to unheard talent, hence the name Launchpad Records.

Launchpad Records have formed relationships with the most well known artists, producers, DJs and figureheads in the music industry so far since their first release in September 2010.

Launchpad Records plan to use and develop their contact list so that artists of the present and future will benefit from taking steps into the music industry. Launchpad claim to have a very big year ahead of them in 2012 working with artists like Blizzard and Tre Mission as well as a few artists that they have their eye on that are not as widely recognised at the moment.

Launchpad Records to date have released for artists such as Wiley, Tre Mission, Dexplicit (Producer of the legendary 2004 hit 'Pow'), Dot Rotten, Roll Deep and many other fine artists. They have also released with the finest of producers such as Royal T, Preditah & Z Dot etc.

Watch out for Launchpad in the future!