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Ideas Factory - Where do business ideas come from?

If you’ve not yet thought up an idea, but know that starting a business is for you, never fear for there are lots of possibilities still out there! Below are some examples of how other entrepreneurs got their ideas. 

where do business ideas come from

How have other entrepreneurs got their ideas?
Cheryl-Ann Taylor and Gary Davies’s business Design Farm came about from their mutual love of design What are your Interests? Can you do something related to these?
The first bagless vacuum cleaner was invented after James Dyson noticed an air filter clogging up with powder particles (just like a vacuum cleaner bag clogs with dust). He decided to find a way to solve the problem What doesn’t work as well as it should? Can you think of any ways of solving the problem?
On returning home from New York, Sahar Hashemi missed the varieties of coffee which were readily available in the States. After much coffee making practice in her kitchen, she set about opening a coffee shop in the UK. What’s missing from your school or local area? Can you fill this gap?

Still drawing blanks then consider the following:

  • Look at the Role Models page for inspiration.
  • What would you pay for, IF it was available?
  • What do your friends want but can’t find?
  • What could you do better or differently than existing organisations?
  • Are any of your hobbies worth anything to anyone else?
  • Listen to what other people say and pick up ideas from them.
  • Discuss your thoughts with friends and family.
  • Keep your eyes open - go to events at school or college.
  • Can a school project idea be developed?

Watch our video interviews of successful young businesses, discover how they got started, its never too late and many opportunities are still out there. Contact the Wildfire Business Start-up for Young People team via the contact us page.