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Business Plan for a Business Massage Therapist.

Lyz Manson's picture
Asked By Lyz Manson | Leeds

Good afternoon, I am a student Body Massage therapist and been in touch a couple of times before, although I do not qualify until June 2012, however I understand that I need to build a good clientelle before hand as this is the career I am looking forward to. I am thinking of setting up a business plan but need a bit of advice on it as I have never owned my own business but I am passionate about the service I want to provide to all people. What would be the best way to start thinking about a 'business plan' - what do I need to think of first? I am thinking to be a mobile therapist before hand and when my business starts to become popular (within 5 - 8 years) to have a actual site where I would have a therapy room/building. I hope I have given enough information for you to help me, Many thanks Please feel free to visit my webite at , I welcome any advice Lyz Manson.

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business-guru's picture

business-guru |  LEEDS

5 March, 2012 - 10:54

Becoming self employed in the way you are suggesting is very popular with many therapists.
There are however many different ways of doing this so we will make some assumptions based on your question.

1. You will not need any borrowings as your costs will be very low, however you may require a vehicle which you may be better financing separately outside of the business.

If this is the case the need for a business plan is purely for your own use and can be used to show you that you can make a living from your idea.

You simply need to list all of your monthly costs, includiing personal costs or expenses and estimate the amount of customers you will have every month and how much you will charge them (Income). If the income is more than the expenditure you have a business.

2.You will work from home/be mobile
This should allow you to undercut competitors who have to pay for premises.This should give you the time to get your own customer base together

Hope this helps.