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Getting Started

Starting your own business - Free Online Guide

Starting your own business - Free Online training tutorial & Guide to get you started

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Business Ideas Bank – Setting up an eBay based business

This Guide has lots of tips on how to get started selling on Ebay. It's NOT aimed at people who want to buy pallets of Mobile Phones or Laptops and make a million in a week - there are plenty of e-books to tell you about that (and for only ONE PENNY!!) Buying and selling and eBay is simple and hassle free.

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Business Start-up Checklist

Business Start-up Checklist (our guide to what needs doing), Write a short summary of your business idea. Set basic aims and objectives for your business idea. Decide on the what, who, when and how of your business idea.

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What to consider when Starting Up a new business

Starting your own business could be one of the most exciting and rewarding things you ever do. But at the same time it can be challenging: while millions of people have set up successful businesses, few have done it without hard work and dedication.

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What is your business idea?

What is your big idea? It's important that you think through all aspects of your Big Idea. Whether you want to be a headhunter or a hairdresser

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Ten characteristics of an Entrepreneur

Have you got what it takes to start your own business? Starting a business requires many different qualities to ensure that your business will be successful. Read through these top tips and look at some of the characteristics needed to set-up and start your own successful business.

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Do you have what it takes to run a business?

Do you have what it takes to run a business? Having a great business idea is only part of what you need to succeed. Your experience, knowledge, skills and ability to lead others are really important so you may want to think about training. Running your own business can be exciting, fun and sometimes scary too so you need to be determined and able to deal with the challenges as well as the successes and good times.

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