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Get A Free Business Website, Make A Free Small Business Website With Free Hosting

The first thing you will need is to acquire a domain name. A domain name is the website address where visitors will be able to find your site. For example, when users type in the address bar they get to my company’s website.

There are different types of domain names and these are identified by their general part, or the top level domain:

  • generic top-level domains such as .net, .com, .org, .biz and .info
  • country code top-level domains such as .uk for the UK

Most UK companies choose to have domain names that end in .com or

How to choose a domain name

When choosing a domain name, most businesses opt for a name that is based on the name of their business or product. It helps if the name is:

  • short
  • easy to spell
  • easy to remember
  • relevant to your business or product

Web Hosting

Afterwards you will need a web hosting providers. There are so many out there.

Using an internet service provider (ISP) for web hosting is an external hosting solution where the ISP is responsible for providing your business with connection to the internet.

You can buy the web hosting service from your ISP or a webspace provider.

Free web sites are provided by sites such as these:

If you need more detailed help and want to speak with a technology expert, then please do get in touch.