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Business Ideas Bank – Setting up an eBay based business

Setting up an eBay based business

This Guide has lots of tips on how to get started selling on Ebay. It's NOT aimed at people who want to buy pallets of Mobile Phones or Laptops and make a million in a week - there are plenty of e-books to tell you about that (and for only ONE PENNY!!)

Buying and selling and eBay is simple and hassle free. It does not involve lengthy paperwork or form filling. It is one of the reasons why millions of eBay members buy and sell online each year all over the world.

Setting up a basic account to sell online involves opening an account with eBay. Your user name and password allow you to sell any item you wish. Clear advice and guidance on how to list an item for sale on eBay are provided on the site. You could choose to sell at a set price or allow buyers to bid on the item. This platform could be a simple process to test your business idea.

You need a camera or camera phone that takes good pictures. Don’t bother selling anything without a means of taking photos and getting them easily onto your computer.  Preferably take 3 or 4 photos per item, showing all the best bits and any damage or makers marks/labels. Always put your photo first, then a few lines of text explaining it underneath. As children, we learn to read by looking at a picture and then reading the word underneath, so a listing is clearer in that format.

Do your research – before you even take a photo look up in “Completed Items” what your item actually sold for. A good tip is to filter the results (box at the right hand side) in order of “highest first” so that you can see the best price your item sold for. Be careful to compare like with like – for instance if a Silver Cross pram usually sells for £200, check yours is exactly the same model, with the same attachments, in the same condition.

Most sales on Ebay are made after people have searched for a particular item.

This means your Title is the next most important thing after your photo, so make it work for you. Buyers do NOT search for  “WOW!!” or “LOOK!!” or “Wonderful, Amazing, Cute, Sweet, Unusual, Pretty,” etc etc. They search for “Beatle”, “Nike “ or “Nokia N70 Mobile Phone” so make sure you use the right words.

Also don’t describe your item, think about what buyers want. This takes practice, but for example don’t put “Very nice jacket with 6 buttons and long sleeves” even if it is. A much better title is “Long Red Velvet Monsoon Jacket Ladies Size 12”. All these statements may be true, but some will be searched for and some will not. If you are not sure, put the words in the Completed Items box and see what comes up.

Consider making a ME page. This is very easy, and allows you to list your terms and conditions, also you can put up some more information about yourself.

Finally Customer Service – Be polite, friendly and efficient and you will have few problems, and you’ll enjoy the Ebay experience much more. Remember, if a buyer is paying you for an item, they have a right to expect it will be as described and reach them safely and quickly. Don’t clutter your page up with long lists of “I will not accept BLAH BLAH BLAH “  and “By placing a bid you agree to BLAH BLAH BLAH “ because no-one reads them anyway.