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Working from Home - Setting up an Office at Home

Working from home has never been so easy, these days you require very little investment to setup a home based office compared to the conventional business office scenario. Your major investment may include basic equipment such as a computer, internet connection, mobile phone, a desk and a printer. Since you won’t be employing staff, you don’t need to rent any space, you home will be your office environment.

The advantages of working from home includes the fact that you don’t need to commute to work every day, saving at least 2-3 hours of travelling each day, extra time which you can invest in developing your business.

As with any job you would need to develop a system of working, a daily routine which you must follow to enable you to become more productive, here are some of our own tips:

  • Get up early & go to bed early each week day, just as a regular job
  • Get regular exercise, join a gym or setup something in the house if you have room. Its worth getting out about, just so you have a break away from the home/office setup.
  • Take regular and fixed breakings, including an hour for launch
  • Get showered & dressed for work every day, this will get you in the mood for being productive.
  • Separate your work space from the rest of the house. Stepping into a room dedicated for work will ensure you operate a mind-set ready for business and dividing up home life away from your business life.

Have a start and end time

By treating your home like a normal job, you have more to gain, a better planned work cycle ensuring you don’t work 16 hours a day. Just as a normal job start work at 9am or earlier if you are an early bird and finish around 5pm. If you need to work extra hours you can, there is no one stopping you, but you don’t want to over work yourself. Sticking to a routine will ensure the work is done on time and you become more organised for visits, billing, selling and marketing, just as with any other business setup. You don’t want to waste time browsing YouTube, Facebook and other websites thinking you have unlimited time to do the tasks.

Break your Day into a Routine

Having a regular timetable for each task will make your home environment more productive and enjoyable, more jobs will be processed and you can keep your work and home tasks organised, so it does not seem like you are always busy. Develop a daily timetable and hang it on the wall and try to stick to a good routine, only you will know what works for you, remember there will not be anyone looking over you to remind you about when tasks need to be completed to meet deadlines.

  • 7am – 9am: Wake up, exercise, shower, get ready and breakfast
  • 9am – Log on to computer, read and answer emails
  • 9.30am – Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, Forums and other news media
  • 10am – Start work on your key projects
  • 11am – Have a break
  • 1pm – Break for Lunch
  • 1.30pm – Business Development, sales, marketing, make phone calls, send out letters etc.
  • 3pm – Have a break
  • 3.30pm – Work on other projects or same project
  • 5pm – To do list/tasks for tomorrow
  • 5.30pm – Day end – You decided what time you want to finish, buts its best to finish off and come back later on if you want. Give the body, mind and the hands a rest.

Enjoy work and have fun.

This is not a one day job, don’t overdo it, make working from home fun and enjoyable. Make money but not at the expense of health, friends, and family live. Make some time to enjoy but aim to make more money than your old job.