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Add your business idea to your Wildfire website profile

Within your profile, there is a tab to create a business information page for your new or existing business. This page is the one that sits at the front of your new business site - and the first one your followers will see.

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It summarises all the things about your idea, and gets you to think through some of the marketing and financial bits. It's your first pass at a Business Plan - but, as you work through some of the pages behind this "executive summary" page, you'll be able to update it and improve it as you go along. Don't worry about getting it perfect. Have a go, publish it, and see how it looks!

You will need to provide the following details or at least some of the information is required if not all.

Business Name:

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My idea in one sentence:

(Very brief description of your business in one sentence - just like it might appear in a Business Pages phone book)

My idea in one less than 200 words (your elevator pitch!):

(A brief overview of your idea, why you would be different, what would make you succeed, just like if you had to tell a financialbacker in the lift on the way up to their office!)

The Market

Your customers

(Who they are, how old, what they do, lifestyles, spending money etc)

Your competition

(Who, brands, what they offer, what the gap in themarket is etc)

Your potential

(Financial size of market, what percentage you expect to gain etc)

More about you

You'll shortly be ready to set up your business homepage, we would like to tell your expert a little more about you. That's because having a viable idea is only part of what you need to be successful in business. Much will also depend on your knowledge, skills, experience and personality. Remember no-one is perfect so you should expect to have some weaknesses, but these don't have to stop you from starting-up a business! Tell us a little about yourself, your hobbies, fave film, band and so on... plus, if you are settting up the business with friends

What are your Strengths?


Why would you like to run a business?

Where will you be in 5 years time?

Are you suited to running a business? Why?

Lifetime ambition?

If you can answer all these questions then you are ready to start trading, don't waste any more time, talk to us for more help and support.