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Technology business

Struq By Lighting? No. Struq By Personal Online Ads

Struq is the leading specialist in personalized retargeting; a powerful new alternative to standard display advertising. The company offers personalized retargeting using proprietary A.R.T. technology which enables brands to identify and retarget only the most profitable in-market users with completely personalized ads optimized in real-time.

Posted in Blog is a new shift in printing T-shirts – and giving something back at the same time

A for-profit business which gives $7 for every T-shirt sold for the charity or cause.
With a desire to change the world, Sevenly believe that they can’t change the world on their own, as social entrepreneurs the solution is to revitalize the act of generosity and team with other change agents (Sevenly customers) to change lives around the world.

Posted in Blog
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