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Launchpad Records UK - A Business Start-up Interview

Launchpad Records was started by George Quann-Barnett; 19 and Louis Serrano; 18 in May 2010. They formed the label with a mutual dream of slowly but surely changing the music industry and shedding light and giving a platform to unheard talent, hence the name Launchpad Records.

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Hera Hussain Crowd Funding her new Start up Office

Hera Hussain runs her own social media consultancy while at University. She decided she needed her own office to be in a creative and professional environment but without the money to pay for it she had to get creative.

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Mike Davis of Subterrania Music

Mike David produces bespoke music for vocalists. Mike David produces bespoke music for vocalists. He started by doing music production at college and realised that there was a market for his services.

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Adam Woodhall at PeopleProfitPlanet

Adam's business is all about people and change. His business offers consultancy, training, marketing, coaching, pr and marketing.

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