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Lyz Manson
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Hi, I am currently in a apprenticeship at Ltd, although I am 22, I was previously a nightclub supervisor for 2 years; but with times and money being tight, I left that job, finding it hard to get a full time employement I found Business Apprenticeships, where I then applied and successfully got the job. With my apprenticeship I recieve a qualification in Business and Administration and also attend college once a week. I have Diploma's in Travel and Tourism and GCSE's (above C Grade) in Business Studies, Art, English Lit, English Lang, Maths and Science. However, although I do enjoy Business, I do not want to be stuck in an office for the rest of my life and I do have a passion I am currently working towards which is Body Massage. As well as my full time employment / apprenticeship, plus the college course, I also attend an evening class once a week in Body Massage Techniques to which is a Level 3 - so at the end of the course (June 2012) I can be fully insured to practise Body Massage. It is something I have loved sinced I was a young girl and found myself massaging family and friends (charging them 50p a massage! :) I was only 10! 50p was enough for some saving and penny sweets!) But now it is becoming reality that finally my dream job is coming true I want it to continue and be very successful, I love making people feel better, when I massage my case studies for assignments, I LOVE the feeling of making someone feel ten inches taller, feeling like they are 'floating on a cloud' & it gives me a very big sense of happiness knowing I can bring some wellbeing to someone just by a massage. My dream is to have my own business (Logo / Business name already sorted) and to continue my CPD with Reflexology, Crystal Healing, Hot Stone/Lave Shell Massage, Reiki, Shiatsu and much more. The Egyptians / Chinese / Buddhas didn't use technology to heal themselves, why in this era do we feel modern gadgets make ourselves feel better??? Let's go back to those days where connection / touch and sense was all around...and let hands heal the body! N.B. Please also check out my new website (still in the process of finishing) at Thanks

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As I have already stated I am working towards my Body Massage Techniques Level 3, I also did a 'stepping stone' course in Reflexology.

My idea is to continue getting lots of qualifications and becoming a complementary / alternative therapist. I am hugely into Crystal Healing to which would be partnering my practitioner side.

I would like a business that people can come to relax for a massage, talk to myself about the crystals, the alternative therapies I will give and let them walk out with a huge sense of wellbeing, relaxion and smile on their face!!
As well as selling products, my main USP would be the services I provide for people that need that extra boost in life!