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Youth Enterprise Services - Start-up Business Advice & Support for Young People

We have a winner!

Deirdre Bounds, entrepreneur, Tv personality and Youth Enterprise Services Director presents Rosie Pendleton with an Apple iPad 2, and shares some business tips.

Lets hear from the winner of the Wildfire Business Startup iPad2 competition winner, Rosie, on how it feels to own a brand new iPad 2 for business.

How did you find out about Wildfirehub?
My boyfriend came home one day from Sixth Form with a Wildfire leaflet advertising the iPad competition that was handed out.
Have you won any competitions before and if so, what was the prize?
Not a competition per se, but I once got a call back from Sky for a fan show asking if I could go to London for filming but unfortunately I had to back out as I had to have a parent/guardian with me and no one was available. So in short, no.
What does it feel like to win the iPad? Who did you tell, and what did they say?
It feels amazing, I guess I’m looking more at the side of my writing that got picked above others (which is a big thing for me) than winning the actual iPad. Don’t get me wrong, I’m ecstatic about the iPad, but the confidence it’s given me in my writing is untrue. I rang Sean, and my parents and kind of screamed down the phone at them, haha! They all congratulated me and said they were very proud and I’m lucky.
How will you use your iPad on a day-to-day basis?
So far I’ve been using it as a normal teenager would to check Facebook etc, but I’m now going to crack down on my writing and try to promote my business through it. It’s extremely helpful in that I don’t have to be at home on my computer to help me, but now I can promote and write on the go.
What are your hobbies?
Ever since I was little I’ve loved to read and from about aged 12 I started writing poetry, admittedly it was pretty bad back then! The past two years is when I’ve become pretty serious about writing though, after getting high praise in my English Language/Literature GCSE coursework. I also love to sing, and I’m such a musical nerd.
What school did you attend and what are your best memories?
I changed school after a year due to bullying and I went to Brayton High instead. My best memory was probably my singing lessons, we would sing Grease and Coldplay for half an hour and it got me out of maths lessons!
If you could go back and redo a subject, what would it be and why?
I’d redo IT. I’m not gonna lie, I considered those lessons a time to listen to music, talk to people and Google random things. I’d like to have come out with a GCSE in IT, it’s useful to have in this day and age.
What do you think are the main challenges facing young people today?
Peer pressure is a big one, the media shoves images of skinny and ‘perfect’ celebrities down our throats and I’m personally criticising my every choice. The demand to look fashionable, be pretty and fit in is too high for young people to meet. If someone wants to be different they’re ridiculed. 
Finding a job is tough for everyone these days, but I think as a teenager it’s even harder. We lack the experience and qualifications most jobs are wanting, and apprenticeships are tough to find, college isn’t for everyone and I’m currently stuck in this situation.
What is your ideal career, what would you like to do, if you had the chance?
I’d love for my poetry and prose to be published and for me to make a living that way, which I’m currently trying to pursue. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do from being young. Another dream job for me is to be in the West End, but I can’t act and I can barely dance so that’s out of the window.
Where is the first place you would go for business advice in your town?
The only place I could think of really is Connexions, but Selby is pretty limited!
Sum up your business idea in a sentence.
Re-writing the world of literature.
What business idea are you a bit jealous of?
Sliced bread. I can’t imagine having to go for a sandwich and having to slice my own bread, it’s a crazy thought! Who ever thought of something so simple and yet so genius needs a medal.
What is the best bit of advice you received and who was it from?
Everything will be alright in the end, if it’s not alright- it’s not the end.
I found this while blogging online, and I think it can relate to everything in life.
What do you see yourself doing in the future?
Hopefully, writing still and earning while doing something that I love. Although I do have a course in September for Animal Management.
What do you do now that is helping you towards your goal?
I have my own website for my writing, which I update frequently and I get constructive criticism which has helped me a lot. I’m currently looking into trying to get some published in literature magazines and going from there.
What other help/support do you need?
I’m not sure, I think I need someone to point me in the right direction.
What is success to you?
Success to me, is earning enough to live off and doing something you truly love which makes you happy.
Doing presentations at school would be a great idea and getting people aware of success stories and that it is possible to become your own boss with the help of Wildfire.
Let us know what you think, and look out for our next competition.